Ceres – The Update!

Greetings intrepid fan and constant reader! First of all – let me apologize as it’s been an entire month since keys have been clacked and words posted in this hallowed space. Here, have a tissue, and dry that tear from your eye before somebody gets the wrong idea and mistakes you for a SENSITIVE heavy metal loving maniac. 

Right – moving on to the things that matters. We have been seriously busy, and are seriously stoked to share all the stuff we’ve been working on. 

First things first – as seen elsewhere our first live show is coming up in just two short weeks! Saturday the 16th of February we’ll be rocking VFW Post 209 in Missoula with our friends Fates Fortune! Rehearsals have been totally focused on getting ready for the live show. Our performance will include several original songs and a couple of covers that we think everyone will really dig. Come hang out with us and enjoy the show! 

To celebrate our first EVER live show we’ve commissioned some swag-tacular merch that will be available at the show. We’ll have totally kick-ass t-shirts and our first ever CD release of an EP. Shirts will be $10 and CD’s go for $5 – keep an eye out for our merch table at the venue. Paul promises to yell about it when we’re there – and give some away to the crowd while he’s at it. 

That’s like … two firsts in one day?! I’m not sure how else to say it, but … that’s kind of a big deal. 

We’re also continuing to refine the songs we’ve already written so we can finalize the recordings. After the live show we’re ready to release a couple of additional songs with videos for everyone’s viewing and listening pleasure. Paul and Big Dan had a unique idea for one of them which we’re all really excited about. I don’t want to spoil it but this is some unorthodox and cool stuff here, and should be tons of fun to finish. 

Stay classy!

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