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The Okayest Blog Post About Ceres You'll Read This Hour 

Happy New year to all! I hope that everyone managed to stay safe last night, and if you did anything dumb that you weren’t caught. If you were caught and ended up in jail - I hope YOU remembered to establish dominance quickly. May your celebratory hangovers, if any, pass rapidly and with a minimal amount of suffering. 

Now there’s something that we need to talk about. A week or so ago we published a video in which we led everyone to believe that we would be releasing a new song before the month of December was out. 

Yeah … about that. We didn’t MEAN to mislead anyone. However, we did. It’s all Big Dan's fault really, he’s all about selling out. We’re just not sure to WHO. 

Just kidding! Seriously, we had some other issues. 

After listening to the rough mix of the song after making that video we all came to the conclusion that one part wasn’t quite right. While we aren’t the kind of guys who want to refine things into the ground, this just wasn’t working. So we decided to delay release until we could get it redone. 

Well, good news! Our intrepidly handsome and somewhat fearless leader - The Mike (Seventh Okayest Lead Guitar Player in the Bitterroot) did some re-writing and re-tracking and we’re just about ready to go now! We re-tracked bass again yesterday, tweaking a couple of things but mostly accommodating this one modification to the song. It now sounds, at least to my aged ears, much much better. Paul will now work his engineering magic to get everything mixed right and sounding good. 

So - within a few days from now we’ll release the song AND a music video to go along with it! 

There are other exciting developments as well. We’re in the process of setting up our first live show! While the details aren’t sorted yet we can say that in mid-February of 2019 we should be playing a show in Missoula with some other fantastic bands. To say that we’re stoked about this opportunity is an understatement. Keep an eye on social media, as I assure you we will post all over the place about the where and when justs as soon as we can. 

Thanks to everyone for your support! We appreciate the views, likes, subscribes, comments and outreach from our friends, fans and families! 

Best wishes for 2019!

It's Happening! 

Mike and I got together last weekend to make a little video at Ceres Studio A. That's code for Mikes basement. Come on, we're a metal band from Missoula. There are no fancy studios here which would let us get within ten feet of the front door.

You can scope the video out on The YouTube if you haven't already seen it. Wondering just who the heck we are? All of your questions will be answered. Well, at least the ones pertaining to Ceres.

We're all really excited about the upcoming release of our second track and first music video this Friday! It's been plastered all over the social media type stuff, which I will endeavor to link to before I finish mashing the keyboard. As the resident OLD GUY, roadie (ahem ... bassist) and general "grrr that's dumb" guy I let the smart folks handle that stuff. I just do this because if I don't Paul yells at me. Nobody wants that. NOBODY.

Speaking for myself I've never made a video for public consumption before, but so far the process has been really enjoyable. The "video-cast" we just released was fairly low effort - with all of the energy being put in to recording, editing and processing both the music video and the audio tracks there isn't a lot of time left over for all the other stuff. Of course there's loads of stuff I'd take a different approach on next time, so we'll see. It just can't interfere with my Cribbage game. Or bed time. Man has to get his sleep!

We're going to keep releasing band updates every couple of weeks and are already starting to work on our next music video! Meanwhile rehearsals continue as we refine our noise creation ... errr ... musical process.

Keep an eye here or on our social media accounts for the release of Trigger Warning! We have a little swag to give away - some totally sweet stickers - to the first few people to share our video. Give us a shout and let us know what you're thinking. It doesn't even have to be related to the music. What's on your mind?