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This is so good...what an amazing mix of music by these guys so far. I wanna buy the album now!!!”

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Ceres is a heavy metal band from Missoula, Montana featuring hard-hitting riffs, driving rhythms and engaging lyrics conveyed through a mix of traditional and aggressively harsh vocals. Live shows are an intense blend of powerful stage presence that couples humor, crowd engagement and power with the focus and precision of session musicians. Described by local radio DJ Kromdar as “a Red Bull* to the junk!” - this is not your Daddy’s rock and roll. 
(Disclaimer – if hit in the junk by an actual Red Bull or other energy drink seek medical attention. Ceres is not endorsed by or affiliated with Red Bull. *Mix only with Vodka.)

Ceres began as a studio project for lead guitar player Mike Vandersanden in the summer of 2018. Vocalist Paul Glueckert and guitar player Dan Beard were the first to come on board shortly after the bands inception. By fall of 2018 the lineup was rounded out with drummer Dan Fernandez and bass player Shane Casalutis joining. In December of 2019, the band welcomed new drummer Curtis Hoskins into the fold. The wide variety of influences on each individual member and their musical backgrounds results in sounds reminiscent of Killswitch Engage, Black Sabbath, Periphery, Slipknot, Devin Townsend, Dream Theater and Megadeth amongst many others ranging from traditional blues rock to early heavy metal and modern progressive metal.

The bands initial focus was collaborating to finalize several tracks that had been written by Mike before they formed. By Christmas of 2018 three songs had been released to an enthusiastic reception. As a result of feedback from peers and emerging fans they decided to actively pursue booking live shows. The current lineup of music for their live show is a mix of original material and covers of favorite songs from a variety of genres played with intensity and focus on the crowd having fun.
Ceres began to enjoy airplay on local radio station 96.3 KBAZ “The Blaze” in late 2018. Since then their music has had airtime on 96.5 KOZE “Z-Rock” in Lewiston, Idaho as well. They have also been featured by the Montana Metal show at and Through out 2019 the Ceres was a frequent studio guest of the KBAZ “Local 406” radio show that features music from the region’s thriving metal scene. They had so much fun doing so the singer busted a gut (which is code for laughter causing a hernia – generally a bad idea two weeks before your first live show).

In February of 2019 Ceres performed live for the first time to a full house at VFW Post 290 in Missoula, Montana. The release of their first EP coincided with the live show, which included two previously unpublished tracks. 9 shows including 3 Metalfests and 2 Top Hat shows followed soon after. The band continues to release new music as well as focus on performing live. They are proud to be part of the relatively small but thriving metal scene in Montana and are currently confirming additional bookings in the area.

On February 19, 2020 (a year and 3 days after their fist show), Ceres announced their first tour. The "SMILE LIKE A GRAVE" tour kicks off on May 29th in Spokane, WA and ends on June 6th in their home town of Missoula!

(*Ceres prefers PBR, but if Vodka is your drink of choice you won’t be judged. Much.)







Ceres Logo - Transparent High Rez

Ceres Logo - Transparent High Rez